We provide a variety of assessments that are suited for our client’s needs. After a free phone consultation with our clients, together we determine what type of assessment is necessary.

What types of assessments do we conduct?

Comprehensive Psycho-Educational Assessments:
These assessments are broad and complex. These assessments follow all aspects of the RIOT model described below.

• Specific Learning Disability (also known as Dyslexia, Dysgraphia and/or Dyscalculia)

• Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

• Intellectual Disability

• Autism Spectrum Disorder

• Emotional Disturbances (i.e., anxiety and depression)

• Behavior Disorders (i.e., Conduct Disorder, Oppositional Defiant Disorder)

Area Specific Assessments:

These assessments are narrower in focus. They will incorporate any necessary aspects of the RIOT model but will focus more on testing and rating scales.

• IQ Test- only for students without academic concerns

• Executive Functioning (valuable for all students due to the emphasis on Executive Functioning Skills in the Common Core Academic Standards)

Independent Educational Evaluations: 

As Licensed Educational Psychologists, we are qualified to conduct Independent Educational Evaluations (IEE). Under Federal Law, an IEE is an assessment conducted by a qualified examiner who is not employed by your child’s school district, but satisfies the same requirements of the California Department of Education and the school district. If you disagree with the results of a recent assessment conducted by your child’s school district, and make that disagreement known to the district, you have the right to request and possibly obtain an IEE for your child at public expense from a qualified person.

The above assessments may incorporate testing in one or more of these areas:

• Intellectual/Cognitive Abilities

• Information Processing Abilities such as Phonological, Auditory, Visual, or Sensory-Motor

• Memory and Learning

• Attention

• Executive Functioning

• Academic Achievement

• Emotional Development

• Social Development

• Behavior

• Other areas that arise as a concern during the evaluation process

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What Is Our Assessment Philosophy?

The RIOT Model:

For all Comprehensive Psycho-Educational Assessments, Holloway Psychological and Educational Services will utilize the RIOT model in order to complete the most effective and thorough evaluation possible for our clients.  What is the RIOT model?

RIOT is an acronym for Review of Records, Interviews, Observations and Testing. The RIOT model is a thorough approach to conducting an assessment that does not rely on testing alone. Relying solely on test results can cause pieces of information that are vital in understanding the whole child and their patterns of strengths and weaknesses to be missed.

R- Review of Records– We will review any available records you can provide us in order to examine patterns of academic performance, behavior, and social/emotional issues. Some examples of these records include: report cards, school work samples, medical records, standardized testing results, etc.

I- Interviews– We will always interview parents, teachers, and/or other individuals who have meaningful information about our client’s strengths and weaknesses. This often includes the client themselves due to the importance of their perspective on their own learning style.  We believe this is an integral aspect of the development of a hypothesis and direction our assessment will take. Interview forms will be completed by all appropriate parties to gather the bulk of the important information. In-person or phone follow-up interviews may also be utilized to gather more specifics when needed. Standardized data is gathered through rating scales filled out by parents, teachers and other individuals. Rating scales are especially useful in gathering information about attention, motivation, behavioral, and social/emotional concerns.

OObservations– We believe that when educational concerns are present, it is of utmost value to observe a child in their natural educational setting. Observations take note of classroom behavior, engagement patterns such as attention and participation, social skills, and any other area of concern. Observations will also be conducted during testing for any comprehensive assessment we do. This is important because a test score is only valuable if considered to be a valid depiction of the client’s skills. Often, students may deflate their scores on tests due to inattention, hyperactivity, oppositional behavior, fatigue etc. Those behaviors are taken into account when interpreting scores. Further, they often are also symptoms of something more detrimental to their educational progress than a mere test score.

T- Testing– Standardized Testing is undoubtedly a large part of the RIOT model and what many who seek out testing for themselves or their child ultimately want. We use a variety of tools and measures to gather testing data about our clients. Most testing data is gathered through giving assessments such as Intelligence and Information Processing tests in a 1:1 environment. This allows us to minimize distractions and gather the most valid and reliable data possible.

Once we complete the entire process of the RIOT model, the job of the Learning Detectives really begins. We pride ourselves in our ability to interpret all meaningful data and form a hypothesis about the cause of our client’s difficulties.  At that point we recommend meaningful research-based interventions and useful accommodations that allow for utilizing our client’s strengths to compensate for their areas of weakness. All of this information will be explained to our clients and provided in the form of a comprehensive report.

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